Texas offline meet report

I haven’t posted a san japan report yet, so I am posting this a bit out of order. ^^; Sorry! We had an offline meet on 2011/8/13-14 in Texas after the San Japan Convention the week before. Below are photos of Emi, Haru, and Kimei.  We met up during the afternoon and took a few photos.

Then we took a break and decided to get food at Genghis Grill.  Over food, we chatted about life, kigurumi, and what the future holds~.

After coming back to the hotel, we needed some time to digest. ^^;  Then it was photo time again with different outfits!

Bonus photos?! ^_^;

We welcome your comments. ^_^

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  1. Cute photos! You looked like you had a good time. That maid outfit that Haru is wearing looks pretty familiar…

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Really wish I could’ve been there. w

    And…wow, I’m really jealous of your body. (><;

  3. >> Ambivalence
    The outfit is from Marriage Royale. :) You probably recognized it from other Japanese kigurumi photos. I forgot the bow… ^^; The outfit is here

    >> KigCasey
    Thank you. ^^;

    >> User
    A life sized one? xD

    >> Kiwi
    Thank you!

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